The Alternative Manifesto

We are not the usual Communications and Marketing agency. We are visionaries who love to break the mold.

We use creativity and data to displace the market andmake our clients stand out.

As a Communications Agency in Bologna we think that if everyone is doing the same thing it’s a really good idea to do something different.

We have the energy and agility of a start-up and the talent and experience of an international communication and marketing agency.

We are convinced that in a fragmented, chaotic, changeable and even unpredictable scenario such as today’s, every brand must have a clear shape, full meaning and coherence in order to break out of the pile.

Our job is to turn brands into experiences, highlight them, boost business results with specific placements and differentiating messages.

We are insight seekers: those flashes of the unconscious that make people align with services and products, increasing a sense of belonging, identification, trust.

We are not suppliers, we are partners. We live in via Malvasia 14 in Bologna, but also all over the world: we are the first Italian communication agency with employees hired in smart working.

Contact us or visit us: we will tell you about us over coffee.

Innovation Inspires Us

We work to inspire

Alternative Group is a mix between a boutique of ideas and an efficient technology start-up. Our goal is not just to advertise, but to solve our clients’ business challenges.


That is why we have a neutral approach towards media: depending on the strategy and data collected, we activate different specialists from all over the world.


What makes us different from others? We are more creative, faster, less conventional. In short, we are Alternative.


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